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Public Statement - Network and Service Interruptions

Public Statement - Network and Service Interruptions

Update, June 7, 2019, 12:00 CEST

The following is an update on our progress regarding the interruption of our network and services.

As previously disclosed, on May 6, Wolters Kluwer experienced a malware attack impacting a portion of our environment. In response, we took a very broad range of customer and internal applications and platforms offline to protect systems, applications and customer data. As of mid-May, we had restored service to all our applications and platforms.

On May 7, we engaged a leading cybersecurity technology firm to conduct a forensic investigation of the incident. While the forensic firm’s investigation is ongoing, it has made significant progress and has now reported certain preliminary findings to us based on the work it has performed to date. Specifically, the forensics firm observed neither additional activity involving the identified malware since the week of the incident nor any evidence of data exfiltration from our network.

We thank our customers for their patience and understanding. We will continue to provide updates.