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Our Heritage

We are Wolters Kluwer. A leading global professional information, software solutions, and services company, we combine almost two centuries of deep domain knowledge with advanced technology; for professional decision-making with confidence.

Explore the timeline below and our Strategy Page, to read further about our new business strategy, Accelerating Our Value, which will drive our day-to-day operations for the next three years, 2019 through 2021.

2016-2018 Expert Solutions: Growing our Value

In 2016, Wolters Kluwer celebrated 180 years of rich heritage. While much has changed for the Company over this time, some things have remained constant: strong values and business principles, deep domain knowledge, innovation in technology—and a long-standing focus on the customer. In the future, there will be new challenges, and new opportunities.

2011-2015 When You Have to Be Right

Now in its second decade, the Digital Age matured quickly. Data was big, phones smart, and search semantic. In a challenging global economic environment, the Company’s customers were under pressure to work harder, faster, more efficiently—all while navigating ever-growing mountains of data and information. Their need to be right was perhaps greater than ever.

2002-2010 Growth and Digital Transformation

After the dot-com bust of 2000, the Digital Age began in earnest. It was a period of immense technological and informational change, impacting businesses and customers alike. In 2003, under new leadership, and acknowledging the speed of change, Wolters Kluwer adopted its first three year strategy cycle. By 2010 the Company’s portfolio would be fundamentally transformed.

1988-2001 International Expansion, Internet Orientation

During the 1990s, Wolters Kluwer realized at least 15% annual average profit growth. Numerous acquisitions of traditional and electronic companies fueled international expansion. However, the rise of the internet was as disruptive as anything the Company had yet faced. It required fresh thinking, and a new start. By 2001, the Company had mapped the path to sustainable growth.

1918-1987 A New Era: Breaking Down the Walls

At the turn of the century, the western world was gripped in a reading frenzy. Print production, marketing, distribution and consumption changed radically. In the coming decades, Wolters, Noordhoff, Samsom and Kluwer would navigate the Depression of the 30s, a slew of post-war commercial and social developments—and emerging electronic publishing technologies. Eventually, all four houses would merge under one roof.

1836-1918 Early Entrepreneurs: Wolters, Noordhoff, Samsom and Kluwer

During the 19th Century, constitutional and legal reforms were shaping the loose collection of Dutch provinces into a modern industrial economy. The demand for educational and informational literature led to the rise of numerous family run publishing houses. Wolters Kluwer’s roots can be traced directly to four entrepreneurial houses: Wolters, Noordhoff, Samsom and Kluwer.